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A History of Headingley Methodism by J. Stanley Mathers offers an insight into the spread of Methodism to Leeds in 1741 and a history of the administrative upkeep of the buildings that gave home to the Church. It hints at the need to tell the story of the congregants but does not venture into any personal histories. 


D. Colin Dews published a work for the celebration of the Otley Road site's 150th anniversary. The information was largely curated by Dennis Sheldon but he sadly died before the manuscript could be completed. Dews and Sheldon rely heavily on Mathers as source material. However, they do add a section on the history of Headingley at the beginning of the pamphlet. Interestingly they also provide an insight into the lives of the congregants by allowing various members to write sections on the activities carried out by the Church. A touching piece finishes the pamphlet. It is called 'Memories of Headingley Methodist Church' and consists of the recollections of Millie James who wrote them down in 1985. This gets closer to a form of oral history and offers more than statistics or descriptions of church business.  

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